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last updated 4-3-03

Many of you tend to think that your $5.00 or $10.00 Can't possibly make any difference in a budget of thousands of dollars. This is not true. Every dollar helps. Jesus and His disciples were watching the people bring their tithes and offerings to the temple. I'm sure that the wealthy ones held their containers up high and made a great show of how much they were giving, but a widow woman came up and put 2 copper coins on the table. Jesus said "Truly I say unto you, this woman has given more than them all for they have given out of their abundance, but she out of her need." 

When all of those small gifts are put in one bag, the bag becomes quite heavy. I had rather have a lot of people giving out of their need than a few giving out of their abundance. The reason is quite simple, more people get blessed. I love to see people get blessed. For the next year, we need to receive about $30,000.00 each month. You can help us to recycle men and women who have wasted their lives and their eternities.

A pledge is a promise to send a certain amount of money each month. A pledge means that I can plan ahead because I know that the pledged amounts will be there to use.

Please indicate, in the memo section of your check whether you want these funds to go to the building fund or to wherever needed. Mail your check to:

JESUS IS! Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1110

Inglis, Florida 34449-1110


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