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last updated 4-3-03

Help Plan #2:  The picture that you see in the upper, right hand corner of this page is the product of a vision that God gave to my wife, Gloria, several years ago. We waited and finally God sent us an artist to capture that vision on canvas. Notice that God is holding the dove in opened hands and the dove is just beginning to unfold it's wings for flight. This represents the 'last days' or latter rain when God will pour His Spirit out upon all people. It is now time for the latter rain.

A group of volunteers have had beautiful copies made of this painting and mounted them in large frames to use as a premium to help you make up your mind to donate to the building fund. For each donation of $100.00, you will receive the framed picture and a tax receipt for the $100.00. If we mail the picture to you, add $5.00 to your check for shipping in the United States. I do not know what it will cost to mail to other countries.

dovepict.jpg (57881 bytes) click on the thumbnail to view the picture.


Please write "building fund" in the memo section of your check and mail to:

JESUS IS! Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1110

Inglis, Florida 34449-1110


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