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Pennies From Heaven


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last updated 4-3-03

Help Plan #3:  Over a year ago, someone told us that if all the Churches across America would take up an offering once each month for Jesus Is!, we would have all our needs met. We thought about this for a while and decided to call the effort "Pennies from Heaven". Several Churches send us a check each month, including one Sunday School class, and a few other Churches give when they can. While we are building this new building, we need to receive about $30,000.00 a month. Someone spoke to me this morning and said that he will bend over and pick up one penny off the ground because 100 pennies still make a dollar.

Ten dollars will not go very far toward meeting our need but 100 people giving ten dollars each month is $1,000.00, 1000 gifts of 10 dollars a month is $10,000.00, and so forth. Most of the Pennies from Heaven gifts we have received from Churches are between $20.00 and $40.00. No one person is giving so much that it hurts but they are all involved in bringing forth fruit in this little section of God's vineyard.

Please indicate, in the memo section of your check, whether these funds are for the building fund or for wherever needed. Mail your check to: 

JESUS IS! Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1110

Inglis, Florida 34449-1110


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