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Roel was about 1 year and 6 months old when he died of bronchial pneumonia, diarrhea, and another deadly ailment which I didn't write down because I could neither pronounce it nor spell it. He had been terminally ill for some time and his family knew that he was going to die. He was dead, with no pulse, for about 30 – 45 minutes. The casket had been built earlier because there was no chance for him to live. The doctor, who was already there, had pronounced Roel dead and they were ready to put the boy into the casket, but the mother would not give up. She brought the boy to me where I was preaching on the street nearby, and asked me to pray for him. She spoke very broken English and she was emotionally upset so that I did not understand that little Roel was dead. I prayed for God to heal him and, to my knowledge, nothing happened. But the mother ran back home and I returned to my preaching.

All of this took place in 1996 and I knew nothing more until April 26, 2001, when I was told that right after I prayed, the boy coughed and was healed completely. I went to see the boy and his family on April 28, 2001. I spoke to the mother for quite a while to make sure that I understood all that took place. I also took a few pictures. At that time Roel was about 7 years old and had completed the first grade with second honors. He is very intelligent and apparently quite talented in art.

Roel and his family live in Sitiotarican, Manggados, Matatalaib, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines. Roel looks sad in the photos but he was really only a little shy around a big American. He was quite active, continually running off to play. The mother and father were very excited about seeing me again and couldn’t thank me enough for bringing their son back from the dead. I had some difficulty making them understand that their thanks needed to go to Jesus, not to me. Meeting the family was quite an emotional event for me also.


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RoelSer1.jpg (58755 bytes) Roel and his mother.

RoelSer2.jpg (60952 bytes) Roel.

RoelSer4.jpg (59094 bytes) Roel's work from school.

RoelSer5.jpg (103155 bytes) Roel with his father, mother, brother and sisters.