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Some of the pictures we took on our trip to Malawi, Central Africa in Aug.-Sep. 2003.

A short narrative can be found at what's happening.


Malawi4.jpg (112992 bytes) Ministry headquarters in Blantyre, Malawi. Not finished.

Malawi17.jpg (105468 bytes) Pile of un-fired home-made bricks at the headquarters.

Malawi7.jpg (128249 bytes) Where we preached the 1st day. Bishop Redman Kyenda is the man in the blue suit in the center of the group. The Pastor & wife are front left.

Malawi2.jpg (84301 bytes) Where we preached the 2nd day.

Malawi8.jpg (121638 bytes) Close-up of the 2nd day group.

Malawi1.jpg (121322 bytes) Some of the people who listened from afar.

Malawi3.jpg (140828 bytes) Pastor & wife of 2nd day group.

Malawi16.jpg (112338 bytes) Dinner time during the convention.

Malawi15.jpg (166096 bytes) More dinner time.

Malawi19.jpg (85484 bytes) Some of the Pastor's wives.

Malawi11.jpg (159592 bytes) More Pastor's wives.

Malawi22.jpg (98274 bytes) A very common sight in Malawi. That is a heavy load.