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JESUS IS! Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1110

Inglis, Florida 34449-1110

(352) 447-2731


Updated December, 2000



In 1984, it took less than a week for sixteen men to come in off the streets looking for a place to stay. This is a very small town and our home is on a small dusty road off the highway. There was no reason for those men to arrive at our door, but there they were. We had no facilities, so we let them sleep on the floor of our vacated commercial building in their sleeping bags. They all stayed for about a year, then as suddenly as they had come, they all left. We breathed a sigh of relief but it was a short sigh. About three months later, we started to fill back up just as fast as we did the first time. There was a difference though, this time they were all drug addicts and alcoholics.

We built a shower in the bath room, cubicles for the men to sleep in, and obtained 16 twin beds. Of course, this took a little time because we had no extra money and all those extra men to feed. The big problem now was what to do with these men. I didnít go and check out other established programs. I did a lot of praying and seeking God in the beginning and came up with a program for their rehabilitation. The written rules came together with time and experience. In spite of the fact that the U S Army had used me as an efficiency expert in organization, I did not try to set up any kind of a program, but trusted God for all my guidance. It worked. The program is 90 days long with only Godís Word as treatment, and the product is far better than that of any other program that we are aware of. Our success rate is 85% for those completing the 90 day program.

I donít remember when the first woman showed up but that was a new problem for us. I had a small 12í by 20í storage building that I had built while we were living in a small mobile home. The woman had to sleep on a couch in my living room while I built a bath room in that little storage building. Now we had a womenís dorm, but no shower. We built a 12í by 12í shower building with 3 showers and 3 lavatories. The dorm was big enough for 4 twin beds. We eventually bought eight stacking twin beds but found that they were a little bigger than the others so only three of them would fit. By stacking them, we were able to put six beds in there.

Someone gave us an old, old mobile home. We could not stop the leaks in the roof but we hooked up electricity and put 2 window air conditioners in it and began putting women in it. They had to go back to the womenís dorm for a bath room. When it rained, they had to place pans and buckets around to catch the rain water coming through the roof. Finally, in February of 2000, we completed a 16 bedroom womenís dorm and tore down the old mobile home. We converted the original six bed dorm into a beautiful office for my wife, Gloria.

We have several hundred men and women out there in the world living for Jesus as a result of what God has done for them in this rehab program. Four of our graduates are preaching the gospel and many more are preaching the gospel because of what God did for them when they visited this place. We surely serve an awesome God. We have more than twenty men and women who have received a burden from God to help in this awesome work, several of which are full time workers.

God not only delivers the alcoholics and the addicts, He also saves and delivers their families. We are constantly training these people to be ministers. During testimony time on the night of November 17, 2000, I called a man with a bad back up front and called our newest convert, a young, very defeated black girl, up front to minister a miracle to him. The young woman was quite reluctant but she obeyed me when I told her to place her right hand upon his forehead. Then I told her to repeat after me, "I rebuke that back in the name of Jesus. Be made whole that The Father might be glorified in The Son." I said you can take your hand down now because his back is healed. I told the man to check his back out. After a few exercises, he said that his back was healed. It always amazes them to see how truly simple a miracle is.

We are growing daily and are getting too big for our facilities, therefore God is about to do something about it. We hope to have all our permits and begin construction on our new 11,200 square foot building by the first of January, 2001. This building will house the offices for administration, the kitchen, and the dining room. We will be able to feed 150 people at one sitting, more if we push them together a little. There will be enough space for limited expansion within the same building, perhaps feeding as many as 500.

I am glad that I donít have to come up with the money for this project. But then, I am only a servant trying to be a good steward of what God has given me to work with. It is Godís department to supply the money, so He is looking for a large number of people that He can bless with His finances as they bless Him with the finances that God has given them. God doesnít need your money because everything belongs to Him. For that matter, He doesnít need me either. He chose me to give me a chance to lay up my treasures by bringing forth fruit in His kingdom. He will bless anyone who gets involved in bringing forth that fruit. God says that His Word must be planted in fertile, productive sod before it will bring forth fruit that remains, some even one hundred fold, that is, $100.00 for every $1.00 planted. I invite you to check out the fruit of this ministry and see for yourself that the sod is very fertile and very productive. Itís your choice!

I began giving immediately after God got hold of me in April of 1979, and have been giving ever since. This ministry does not sell, it gives. We ask for a donation of $3.00 for our tapes, but we give them away, postage paid, to all on a fixed, limited income, and to prisons all across America. We send our tapes and new Bibles into prisons and jails across America. We give all that we can in the Philippines. In November of 2000, we sent $1,000.00 to help build a mission house on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, because we need more than a hundred times that much to build this building and because I know the joy of giving. I believe, and I practice what I preach. I am not bragging on myself, but I have to tell you about me because I donít know what the other ministers are doing.