1. All persons electing to stay at Jesus Is! Ministries will be willingly subject to the authority of the counselors, and will show proper respect at all times.
  2. All the rules listed herein, plus all the rules that may be adopted at any future date will be observed without murmuring or complaining.
  3. Upon arrival; and at any time in the future, each person will be subject to search of person and property.
  4. Each new arrival must take a shower, put on clean clothes, and launder their dirty clothes.
  5. All persons will report for meals, whether they eat them or not.
  6. No person will work at a job away from the ministry grounds unless accompanied by a resident counselor, or an approved temporary counselor. Each temporary counselor must be appointed for each temporary term of duty.
  7. No person will leave the ministry grounds for any reason without the express consent of one of the resident counselors. If the ministry is under charge of a temporary counselor and no previous arrangements were made with a resident counselor, you are not permitted to leave the grounds. If you leave the grounds because you persuaded the temporary counselor to let you go, you will answer to the President of the ministry, either upon his return, or by message.
  8. Persons desiring to go down town will be accompanied by another person to be selected by a counselor. If you truly want to do what is right, you will find that the “buddy” system will be a help to you.
  9. Consumption of any alcoholic beverage is forbidden, both on and off the property.
  10. Usage of drugs (except valid prescription drugs) in any form or in any manner is forbidden.
  11. Usage of tobacco products is permitted but only out of doors and away from the street. There will be no smoking in front of the main house.
  12. Usage of profane, vulgar, abusive, or suggestive language is prohibited.
  13. Wearing apparel must be modest. No shorts, no halters, no bathing suits or sun suits, no form fitting trousers, blouses or shirts, and no sleeveless blouses or shirts. The wearing of vulgar or suggestive clothing is forbidden. Determination as to the suitability of clothing is the responsibility of the counseling staff and is not to be disputed. Every person must be fully dressed from the time they leave their quarters until they return inside their quarters unless express consent is received from the counseling staff in each instance.
  14. Laziness and irresponsibility will not be tolerated. This facility is here to help you as you help yourself. If you don’t want help then we don’t want you.
  15. Beds will be neatly made each morning except Sunday. The dorm chief has the authority to check your room for neatness and cleanliness.
  16. You will be issued two sets of sheets and two pillowcases upon arrival. You will change the bedding once a week and launder the dirty bedding.
  17. Personal hygiene must be maintained to a sufficiently high degree that you are not obnoxious to the others here.
  18. Normally, the lights go out and all noise ceases at 11:00 PM. On meeting nights, this time is extended to 1hour after the meeting is over. This rule is not to be taken lightly.
  19. Fighting is prohibited. Any altercations must be taken to the counselors for settlement.
  20. You did not come here to find a husband or a wife, but to get your life back together. Conversations, notes, flirting, body language or eye language will not be tolerated.
  21. Lying, cheating, stealing by any means, bullying, conniving, etc. will not be tolerated.
  22. Getting a ruling from one counselor, then getting a second ruling from another counselor will not be tolerated.
  23. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory. The meetings are not over until all prayer is finished or until you are dismissed.
  24. Remember that the funds to feed and house you are donations. Please be considerate enough not to waste our supplies or damage our facility. Any malicious damage to the premises, or material property will be dealt with severely.
  25. After lights out, you are not permitted to leave the immediate area of your dormitory, except that in case of an emergency, the dorm chief may come directly to the main house.
  26. No radios allowed. Only Christian music, approved by the permanent staff, will be heard during your stay here.
  27. You are not allowed to use the telephone for any purpose unless approved by a counselor for each individual call. Only counselors and those appointed by a counselor will answer the phone.
  28. Remember that you are a representative of this ministry, and of God. Your conduct affects the work of the Lord in this place.
  29. The only way that we can receive money for the residents is by U.S. POSTAL SERVICE ONLY Money Order “made payable to” the resident.
    Any resident caught with money, check, or money order in his/her possession will be expelled from the program. All money must be deposited to their personal ministry account.
  30. Violation of any of these rules are sufficient grounds to put you out of the program, without regard for how long you have been here. Once removed, you will not receive credit for time spent in the program. You will also be barred from the program for one year from date of departure, or if the violation is bad enough you may be barred from returning to the program permanently. Many people have thought they could hide something and get away with it. You might fool us but you won’t fool God.