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Welcome to our Download Site.

All downloads are done here, though you may be directed here when you click on a download link from another page.


The following downloads will be downloaded to  your Microsoft Word program. You will then be able to save them to a file, print them, or simply read them.

Download All about Jesus Is! as Microsoft Word file.

Download Rehab document as Microsoft Word file

Download Tape List as Microsoft Word file.

Download Newsletter as Microsoft Word file.


The Microsoft Word Reader is downloaded from the Microsoft web site. Click below to go to their web site. After download is completed, click back on your browser until you arrive back here. The downloaded file is zipped with a .exe extension. To unzip and install it on your computer, type the name of the file at the command prompt and press enter, or click Start - RUN then type the name of the file and click OK. The file unzips automatically. You need to make a note of the exact name of the file you are downloading and the folder (directory) that you are downloading to or you could misplace your file on your hard drive.

Download Microsoft Word Reader Under 'Word viewers', choose the version to match your system; for Win 3.1 or DOS, or for Win 95 or later.


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