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Kitchen Completion Project

Wonderful progress is being made to complete the Kitchen portion of the New Building!!!

All the new Kitchen Equipment has been selected and purchased and is being delivered May 29th.

We have a new Brother in Christ that is a General Contractor who is going to have his Project Manager, Dan Murphy oversee the construction and provide liaison services for permitting with the County.

Construction will commence as soon as the County permits are in hand.

New Men’s Dormitory Log Cabins

Great headway is being made on the Log Cabins project! The first phase of the project will include 4 cabins each designed to house 8-10 men surrounding a common shower and bath house.  The location of these new structures will be in the recently cleared areas behind and to the north of the New Building.

Rodney Wilburn Construction is providing engineering, permitting and design. for the Log Cabins. A topographic survey has already been performed and they have already achieved zoning approval from the Town of Inglis.  The next step in the permitting process is to obtain the county permits from the County planning department and then the construction permits.

Many of the male residents are already working at the saw mill and it is reported that at least half of the lumber required for the project has already been cut. Some pre-assembly of the cabins will be accomplished at the saw mill. This will speed construction once the permits are issued.

New Thrift Shop

Thirty years ago or more, when Mom & Dad Adams acquired this property, the building that now houses the men’s dormitories was Adam’s Electronics Shop. After Dad heard from the Lord that he was to donate the building to the Ministry, it has been used to house thousands of men from all walks of life and keep them safe as they turned their lives around and began to serve Jesus. Plans are now underway to convert the building to a Thrift Shop to help provide financial support for the Ministry when the men will be relocated to their new quarters in the Log Cabins.  Wilburn Construction has volunteered to design a front facade to meet the Town’s architectural criteria and cialis sin receta allow for the permit to remodel this well used building. They will also provide the volunteer staff to perform the remodeling itself after the permits are obtained.


Nice used furniture, clean household goods and better used clothing are provided at incredible prices. Come on out and see what we have for you!!!

Located outside on US 19 – First Saturday of each month


One of the many ways that the Ministry relies on to make ends meet is the recycling of metals and other materials from a variety of sources. One of the best sources over the years has been the tear down of old trailers.

We have just been blessed with 17 more trailers to tear down. This will be a huge amount of work for the men, but with everyone lending their strength to the effort we can get the job done and help the Ministry not only financially, but in developing a renowned reputation for being able to handle a large workload.

These trailers have been donated to the Ministry by the Mayor of Inglis who will look to us more often in the future if we can prove ourselves worthy and able of this level of effort.


Food Boxes

Family Food Boxes are provided to any Family in need. At this time we are currently providing about 30 to 40 boxes per month. Each box will feed a family of 4 for about a week.

Give- Away

Gail Barron has faithfully run the Saturday Give Away Ministry for many years. This wonderful “free garage sale” blesses everyone who comes to it with free clothing, furniture and household goods. Last week alone we gave away over 150 boxes of clothing to needy families.

Please rest assured that with the future plans to make a Thrift Shop in the building at the lot where the Give Away is held will in no way diminish the established service and effectiveness of the Give Away Ministry that many families have come to depend on over the years for some of their basic needs.

Philippine Missions

How Mom & Dad Adams came to help the Philippine Missions, by DadAdams

We answered a call to go to Tarlac, Tarlac, in thePhilippinesin January, 1996 to train Pastors in the area. We returned to Tarlac , on theislandofLuzon, in November of 1996, again to train Pastors. The Lord told me that He would also train me in evangelism on that trip. We also went on to Cagayan De Oro City on the southern-mostislandofMindanao. The Lord moved gloriously, saving more than 500 adults plus hundreds of children. God did almost all of the thousands of miracles that were desired of Him. It was truly an awesome time. As a result of those visits, we now have more than thirty Churches in ThePhilippineswho have affiliated themselves with Jesus Is! Ministries. The Pastors of those Churches, plus several evangelists have been ordained through this ministry.

We send support to several of those Churches and desire to send more. We are in regular communication with most of them. They use our teaching tapes and our newsletters as tools in their ministries and in five Bible schools where they are training ministers. A woman in our rehab program was born blind in one eye and God gave her perfect vision in that eye. I put her testimony in the newsletter and a pastor in The Philippines laid the newsletter on the forehead of a man who was also born blind in one eye. That man’s eye was also healed. We serve an awesome God.

Here are some of the present day Ministries and Programs that were born from that first trip and receive continuing support.

Children’s Feeding Programs

Youth Camp

Church Building Project

Prison Ministry


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